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Last Monday, October 2, our Association, represented by Dr. Álvaro Arana, President of Asoclicper, had the privilege of participating in the magazine program “Tardes del Sol” on the regional channel Telepacífico. This collaboration provided us with a valuable opportunity to carry out essential educational work, focused on the risks associated with biopolymers in aesthetic procedures, reaffirming our strong commitment to patient safety.

In the health segment, Dr. Arana shared critical information about Biopolymers, highlighting why they should not be considered a safe practice in plastic surgery and stressing the dangers inherent in these procedures. Additionally, he provided guidance to empower people with the knowledge necessary to make informed decisions and avoid risky treatments.

This collaboration takes on additional relevance in the context of the recent approval of Law 2316, which prohibits the use of Biopolymers. Both Asoclicper and our partner clinics have been active supporters of this legislation and will continue to work closely with authorities and the community to ensure that the risks associated with the use of Biopolymers are fully understood.

During the broadcast of the program, a telephone line was set up so that viewers could ask questions and share their concerns. This real-time interaction allowed us to provide timely responses and offer advice to those seeking additional information on this important topic.

In addition to the discussion on biopolymers, we took the opportunity to clearly explain our purpose and mission as an association. We are firmly committed to ensuring that plastic, cosmetic and reconstructive surgery practices are safe, ethical and based on medical evidence. We are willing and prepared to actively collaborate with the community in promoting higher standards in this field.

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