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Important Meeting between ASOCLICPER and ANDI

On February 2, in an effort to position and improve our institutions, focusing on patient safety, quality of care and efficiency we had a significant meeting with the National Association of Colombian Business owners  (ANDI: Asociación Nacional de Empresarios de Colombia)  with the aim to establish a collaboration that strengthens the union in our country.

At this relevant meeting, we had the outstanding presence of Dr. Mónica Andrea Ulloa Ruiz, Executive Director of the Institutional Chamber for Health Care, and with the essential participation of our ASOCLICPER Management Committee. This team, led by Dr. Álvaro H. Arana N. as President, Dr. Gustavo Adolfo Arboleda P. as Vice President, Dr. Jaime Roberto Arias G. as Member, and with the participation of Dr. Patricia Villegas and Dr. Isabel Cristina Reyes in various key roles was also a fundamental part of this meeting.

During this meeting, various aspects related to the current panorama of plastic and aesthetic surgery in our country were addressed. Through the exploration of collaboration opportunities, we seek to generate a positive impact on business equality and contribute to the development and economic activation of the country.

Our joint dedication opens the door to a promising future for the benefit of all parties involved.

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