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It is essential to prepare well, before leaving your home country or city to undergo a medical procedure. That is why ASOCLICPER develops the Medical Tourism Guide. This guide focuses on Plastic, Aesthetic and Reconstructive Surgery and it also includes relevant information and some key questions to ask yourself while planning your trip to (or in) Colombia for medical reasons. 

  • Aspects to take into account in plastic surgery tourism.
  • Security considerations.
  • Planning your trip for medical reasons.
  • Choose your surgeon.
  • Surgical facilities.
  • Fees and Insurance Policies for Surgical Complications
  • Recovery, Postoperative Care and Complications.

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One of the most important priorities for the Colombian Association of Plastic, Aesthetic and Reconstructive Surgery Clinics (Asociación Colombiana de Clínicas de Cirugía Plástica, Estética y Reconstructiva) ASOCLICPER is to promote patient safety. If you choose to travel to Colombia or if you are already in our country and are looking for aesthetic and/or reconstructive plastic surgery, we invite you to consult us and find the answers to your questions on this page. Choosing aesthetic and/or reconstructive plastic surgery abroad or in Colombia requires careful planning so intelligent decision-making plays an important role. Aesthetic and/or Reconstructive Plastic Surgery requires that you choose a highly trained and qualified plastic surgeon. If you are in Colombia or are going to travel to our country, the first thing you should keep in mind is that the doctors must be affiliated with the Colombian Society of Plastic, Aesthetic and Reconstructive Surgery SCCP (Sociedad Colombiana de Cirugía Plástica Estética y Reconstructiva). Finding the plastic surgeon you have chosen in the SCCP will be a guarantee of safety and quality for patients.


Taking into account that these procedures are optional in nature, aesthetic surgery involves risks and possible side effects. The Colombian Association of Plastic, Aesthetic and Reconstructive Surgery Clinics (la Asociación Colombiana de Clínicas de Cirugía Plástica, Estética y Reconstructiva) – ASOCLICPER encourages patients who plan to travel to Colombia or residents who want to undergo aesthetic plastic surgery to review the most in-demand and important clinics in the country. These prior safety considerations are important and give you peace of mind when selecting the institution where you wish to have your surgical procedure.

ASOCLICPER, Respects and promotes patient safety above all. That is why it invites patients interested in an aesthetic plastic procedure to validate the leading institutions in the specialty.


Once you have thoroughly chosen the specific procedure that is appropriate for you, the best Clinic and a qualified plastic surgeon, you are ready to start planning your trip for aesthetic plastic and/or reconstructive reasons. A qualified plastic surgeon can help you better plan your medical trip.

Planning List:

Schedule a preliminary consultation which may be conducted through one (or a combination) of the following means:

  • Personally, through one of the institutions associated with ASOCLICPER.
  • Telephone.
  • Using an online form from each clinic.
  • Through the internet by using Team tools/applications.
  • Make sure the surgeon and clinic staff who will care for you, both before and after surgery, can speak your language.
  • Get a fixed price for your surgery and make sure you have a clear understanding of what is included in that price.
  • Determine how you will finance your procedure and travel needs. Find out what payment methods your surgeon accepts such as cash, traveler’s checks, or credit cards. Ask about available payment options.
  • Schedule your surgery with the clinic where you will be treated. Determine with them the necessary laboratory tests, previous diagnostic tests and vaccines. Find out how much time in advance you need to arrive at your destination to have your prior consultation.
  • In order for you to receive ongoing treatment and care, make sure your local doctor is informed about the surgery and provides all necessary prior medical documentation to your surgeon. Likewise the subsequent recommendations on its care.
  • Determine what your post-operative care and recovery needs will potentially be. How long will it take before you can return home? What will be the schedule for postoperative follow-up visits?
  • Find out if the clinic you have chosen has Urgent Care (Emergency) and/or hospitalization, in order to address complications that may arise in the immediate postoperative period.

Make your travel plans. Some considerations to consider would be:

  • Where will I be (stay) the day before the procedure and during my subsequent recovery?
  • What is the city airport?
  • Will I need a passport? Will I need a visa?
  • Will I need foreign currency or traveler’s checks?
  • Who will take me to the hotel, and who will care for me after the procedure?

Prepare your Trip pack. In addition to typical travel supplies, these may be useful items after surgery:

  • Sun protection, including, in addition to sunscreen, a hat and scarf.
  • Clothing that is easy to put on/take off (shirts that tie buttons at the front, pants with elastic at the waist).
  • Special compression garments (girdles) or a post-surgical bra.
  • Neck, body or back pillows to support specific areas after surgery.

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Once you have made the decision to proceed with aesthetic and/or reconstructive plastic surgery in Colombia, the next step is to select the right plastic surgeon for you. Three important considerations are quality, surgical facilities, and rapport/understanding. Aesthetic and reconstructive plastic surgery requires a highly trained, suitable and qualified plastic surgeon.

Plastic surgeons in Colombia are of high quality. For your peace of mind you can enter the Colombian Society of Aesthetic and Reconstructive Plastic Surgery website and search for the name of your doctor, in addition for your greater peace of mind and security you can enter the Colombian Association of Aesthetic and Reconstructive Plastic Surgery Clinics, ASOCLICPER, there you will find the highest quality clinics, focused on patient safety. There you will be able to choose the city and the doctors you like the most. Our doctors are at your disposal to guide you and clarify all the concerns you may have at the moment. 


To begin, it is necessary to determine if the potential surgeon is qualified to perform the Procedures that you wish to perform. The surgeon you choose should have training and experience in performing a wide range of aesthetic and/or reconstructive plastic surgery procedures. Since regulations, training and certification policies for plastic surgeons vary around the world, the Colombian Society of Plastic, Aesthetic and Reconstructive Surgery (SCCP) can clarify the uncertainty you may have about your decision in this regard. When you decide to choose an SCCP member, you can be sure that you have made an excellent choice. In addition to that, you can confirm the clinic where the surgeon performs surgeries through the ASOCLICPER website.

Questions to ask your potential surgeon will be:

  • Are you a member of the Colombian Society of Plastic Surgeons (SCCP)?
  • Does the clinic where you operate belong to ASOCLICPER?
  • How many procedures of this type have you performed? What is your complication rate?
  • How often do you typically perform the procedure I am considering?
  • How many patients have tried to come to you from abroad?

Privileges/Rights in Health Institutions.

Reputable and duly qualified surgeons have surgical privileges in medical facilities duly authorized by the inspection, surveillance and control entities that belong to Colombia’s health system. When choosing a surgeon, it is important to research the clinics where they operate, which is why we invite you to enter ASOCLICPER.

Colombian Association of Plastic, Aesthetic and Reconstructive Surgery Clinics – ASOCLICPER: Work in an authorized Clinic, under quality and safety standards. It is another indication that the surgeon’s education and training has been evaluated and determined to be satisfactory. Validation of a surgeon’s training is usually a prerequisite to obtaining an official certificate in most licensing organizations. The most important and leading clinics in Colombia are associated with the Colombian Association of Plastic, Aesthetic and Reconstructive Surgery Clinics – ASOCLICPER as we are an organization that associates clinics under the standards of quality, safety and responsibility by focusing on two fronts, namely, the patient and the surgeon. This approach provides comprehensive support in a two-way process.

Lastly, it is important that you feel comfortable talking to your surgeon and that you feel the surgeon understands your goals. Your comfort level with your surgeon and the clinic facilitates open communication, which is essential in preparing for your surgical procedure.

The questions you should ask are:

  • Do you have before and after photos that demonstrate typical results for the procedures I am considering?
  • Could I speak to some of your patients who have undergone similar procedures?


Given that the regulations vary from country to country it can be difficult to determine whether the surgical facilities the surgeon uses are safe and suitable for the aesthetic and/or reconstructive plastic surgery you wish to perform in Colombia. The most reliable safety measure is to verify if the surgeon is using a properly licensed outpatient clinic. In order for a facility to become a qualified health institution, it must pass a comprehensive evaluation and then it will operate in accordance with the patient safety standards in force by ASOCLICPER.

ASOCLICPER’s work is focused on the safety of aesthetic and reconstructive plastic surgery. Find an authorized and safe Clinic at for your peace of mind.

Security Protocol

The World Health Organization (WHO/WHO) developed a 19-point patient safety protocol. When this safety protocol is scrupulously and rigorously taken into account it can reduce surgical complications, as well as related cases of death with surgery. This simple checklist or protocol, akin to a pilot’s pre-flight checklist, can be used in a variety of surgical settings at no additional cost. The list is divided into three phases of surgery:

  • Before anesthesia.
  • Before making any incision.
  • Before the patient leaves the operating room.

For each phase, a pre-designated surgeon and clinic staff member must confirm that the surgical team has completed the relevant tasks and checks listed in the protocol before proceeding with a surgery. Ask if your surgeon and surgery center uses the WHO list/protocol or another similar protocol.

ASOCLICPER, gives you peace of mind with its associated clinics. Healthy patients should not be exposed to patients with infectious diseases. In a safe hospital, aesthetic and/or reconstructive plastic surgery patients in good health should not undergo surgery in the same operating rooms, be cared for by the same medical staff, nor share the Recovery/Resuscitation areas with sick patients. For this reason, the Plastic, Aesthetic and Reconstructive Surgery Clinics are designed to provide personalized service and care, based on the safety and integrity of patients.

Outpatient and short-stay hospitalization facilities

The Colombian Association of Plastic, Aesthetic and Reconstructive Surgery Clinics – ASOCLICPER is here to provide patients with the means to determine whether an establishment operates under the safety practices required by all patients.


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Being an active member means that the authorized center has voluntarily opened its facilities to the scrutiny of an organization that ensures patient safety, the quality of specialists and the highest clinical technology. Licensed Facilities must meet strict national standards for equipment, safety of the operating room (or rooms), and credentials of the surgeon and staff working there. By choosing a surgeon who uses an ASOCLICPER certified center, you can be assured that your procedure will be performed with the highest standards of safety and quality.


When planning a trip for medical reasons, price is an important aspect to consider. ASOCLICPER presents important aspects related to fees and insurance policies for surgical complications, so that patients can carefully weigh before traveling to Colombia to undergo aesthetic and/or reconstructive plastic surgery. Plastic Surgery requires both a highly trained, suitable and qualified plastic surgeon, as well as an authorized Clinic, designed with patient safety in mind.


A common reason people have for traveling outside their home countries for cosmetic and/or reconstructive surgery is usually to save money. It is important to evaluate the total cost of your procedure when making calculations to determine if there is in fact a true financial benefit. In addition to the price of the surgical procedure, be sure to factor in the costs of:

  • Surgeon’s Fees.
  • Value of the Insurance Policy for Surgical Complications
  • Pre- and postoperative consultations.
  • Clinic.
  • Anesthesia.
  • Other surgical needs such as breast implants or compression garments.
  • Laboratory tests.
  • Medications.
  • Postoperative care.
  • Travel, plane tickets, accommodation, ground transportation, as well as time off work for both the trip and subsequent recovery.
  • Additional costs (medical and travel-related) if any complications occur.

The associated clinics in ASOCLICPER offer (through insurance companies widely recognized nationally and internationally) a complications insurance policy to cover postoperative events that must be managed in the same associated clinics or in health institutions of greater complexity. Find out about the cost of this policy and what it covers.

The fact there is a low a risk for having complications in an aesthetic and/or reconstructive plastic surgery procedure is indeed attractive, however, please select the clinic and its surgeon carefully. Be engaged and investigate their professional quality, reputation, references, as well as their experience, especially when they have rates that are significantly lower than those of other surgeons.

clinica colombiana de cirugia plastica

Clínica Fiore, Nacemos del sentido de pertenencia, el profesionalismo, la pasión y el sueño mas anhelado de nuestro docto estrella, Hernando Flórez Ospino. Contamos con mas de 11 años de experiencia en nuestro gremio, los cuales nos han enriquecido innumerables experiencias.



NOMBRE: Clínica Fiore

DIRECCION: Calle 5B # 43 A 13

TELEFONO: +57 (2) 4855551




El Centro Quirúrgico de la Belleza es una clínica de cirugía plástica y estética con más de 32 años de experiencia.  Está certificado bajo la norma ISO 9001 desde el año 2005, lo que nos permite trabajar basados en procesos y buscando siempre la mejora continua. Somos una organización comprometida con la seguridad de nuestros pacientes por eso estamos en permanente evaluación, transformación y evolución.



NOMBRE: Centro Quirúrgico de la Belleza

DIRECCION: Cra. 40 No. 5B – 100

TELEFONO: +57 (2) 486 66 66


Gerente General: Dr. Jaime Roberto Arias G.

clinicas de cirugia plastica en cali

La Clínica Picasso es una Institución Prestadora de Salud – IPS que brinda servicios en la especialidad de cirugía plástica, estética y reconstructiva con mejoramiento continuo y con altos niveles de confiabilidad para inspirar belleza con la seguridad que mereces. Si quiere conocernos mejor, puede ubicarnos en la Carrera 40 No. 5ª 68, barrio Tequendama o comunicarse al teléfono (602) 5534638.



NOMBRE: Clínica Picasso

DIRECCION: Cra 40  5 A – 68

TELEFONO: +57 (2) 5534638



clinicas de cirugia plastica en medellin

Clínica Alejandría es una institución médica al servicio de la comunidad, ubicada en la ciudad de Neiva (Huila), fundada en el año 2011 por el Dr. Luis Yesid Martínez Laguna. Brinda servicios en cirugía plástica estética y reconstructiva, y alquiler salas de cirugía para procedimientos quirúrgicos ambulatorios, bajo un modelo de atención confiable enfocado en la seguridad del paciente, atención humanizada, desarrollo tecnológico, amplia infraestructura y un talento humano capacitado y comprometido con los usuarios.



NOMBRE: Clínica Alejandría

DIRECCION: Cra  8  14 – 09

TELEFONO: +57 318 3515281



cirujanos plasticos en cali

Soñada por tres visionarios y excelentes cirujanos plásticos, los Doctores Triana, Barbato y Zambrano. Hemos sido innovadores de ciencia para la región y el país; siendo pioneros en procedimientos como: lipoescultura, prótesis glúteas, endoscopia frontal, resurfacing laser, microinjerto capilar, y cirugía plástica vaginal; nos respaldan mas de 26 años de trayectoria, y más de 25.000 procedimientos exitosos, nuestra certificación ISO 9001, garantiza a pacientes y visitantes nuestro compromiso de mejoramiento continuo. 



NOMBRE: Clínica Corpus & Rostrum

DIRECCION:  Calle 3 Oeste No. 34-96

TELEFONO: 57 602 5184444 / +57 320 7270450



Socios propietarios de la clínica, de izquierda a derecha; Dr. Carlos Barbato, Dra. Lina María Triana, Dr. Marco Zambrano.

clinicas de cirugia plastica en bogota

Clínica Gómez Arbeláez.  1998, en la ciudad de Armenia (Quindío, Colombia), con los esfuerzos del Dr. Jorge Mario Gómez y de la Dra. María del Pilar Arbeláez,  profesionales de la medicina, especializados en la cirugía reconstructiva de labio fisurado y paladar hendido. Se proyecta como una de las principales instituciones de la ciudad y el país. Fieles a la prestación del servicio que nos caracteriza y a su plataforma estratégica, en el 2006 se obtiene la certificación ISO 9001-2000, contamos con un área de cámara hiperbárica, servicio farmacéutico y masajes. Trabajamos con tecnología de ultima generación, prestando servicios con calidad, para el mejoramiento continuo y seguridad del paciente.



NOMBRE: Clínica Gómez Arbeláez.

DIRECCION: calle 1 A norte 12-36 consultorio 202

TELEFONO: +57 3122892859 



clinicas de cirugia plastica en cali

Es una institución que presta servicios de cirugía plástica, estética y reconstructiva. Fundada el 31 de octubre de 1995 en la ciudad de Cali. Desde sus inicios su política está enfocada en el cumplimiento de los más altos estándares de calidad científica, infraestructura y de servicio, buscando siempre el bienestar de los pacientes, ofreciendo calidez humana, vocación por la especialidad y convicción por el continuo trabajo responsable de cada uno de sus integrantes. 



NOMBRE: Clínica Interplastica 

DIRECCION: Calle 5C No. 43-10. 

TELEFONO: 3206779627



cirugia plastica cali

La Clínica de Otorrinolaringología y Cirugía Plástica, en nuestros más de 30 años de experiencia, hemos trabajado incansablemente por mejorar la calidad de vida de nuestros pacientes, a través de un gran equipo de profesionales expertos de la salud, caracterizados por su alta calidad humana, técnica y científica, enfocados en la mejora continua y comprometidos en brindar la mejor experiencia en salud, bienestar y belleza, con seguridad, confianza y calidad en cada uno de los procedimientos que realizamos.



NOMBRE: Clínica de Otorrinolaringología y Cirugía Plástica

DIRECCION: Av. 4 Norte # 14N -38, barrio Granada. 

TELEFONO: +57 (2) 667-5252 



Gerente General: Patricia Villegas

Plastikos Cirujanos fundada en 2004, nace del sueño de cinco cirujanos plásticos, que han luchado hombro a hombro por un mismo objetivo, conformar una familia de colaboradores unidos por la perseverancia, el apoyarnos unos a otros, el no permitirnos el fracaso y siempre mirar al frente, cada uno aportando y haciendo cada vez más grande esté sueño. Diecisiete años de vivencias y aprendizajes proyectándose siempre hacia un futuro lleno de oportunidades.



NOMBRE: Plastikos Cirujanos 

DIRECCION: Carrera 46 9 C 85 piso 3 

TELEFONO: +57 (2) 5517474




If you are preparing for cosmetic or reconstructive plastic surgery abroad, it is important to plan for your recovery and post-treatment, along with the possibility of complications. Your surgeon will help you understand what to expect in that period and can assist during your planning process. ASOCLICPER provides you with information about the clinics and their recovery and postoperative care system.

Proper aftercare and postoperative care are critical to the success of your procedure.

Recovery and Postoperative Care:

Your post-operative care needs and recovery will depend on the specific surgery performed, as well as your surgeon’s recommendations. In order to have the best possible result, ask your surgeon the following questions:

Where will I be in the first 24 hours after surgery?

This is typically the period when complications due to anesthesia or excessive bleeding are most likely to occur. Find out if you can return to the clinic if problems arise.

What type of post-operative care will I need?

Depending on the type of care and attention you will need, you may need assistance after surgery. Patients often need help with dressing, feeding, and other basic personal needs for at least a few days. Ask if you will need help and for how long.

How will my travel affect the surgical outcome?

Even without surgery, sitting for long periods of time, such as during air or land travel, increases the risk of deep vein thrombosis (blood clots in the legs) and pulmonary embolism (blood clots in the lungs). After surgery, these problems are compounded by the fact that you may have difficulty standing, as well as the need to limit pressure on the surgical site by changing positions of your body or face. some regularity. Find out how long to wait before traveling home and follow your surgeon’s advice.

What restrictions will I have after surgery?

Common holiday activities such as swimming, sunbathing, and drinking alcohol are usually not recommended after surgery. Lifting heavy bags and standing or walking for long periods of time are other vacation-related activities that you should avoid.


Because all types of surgery can carry potential complications, it is important to develop a plan for your care in advance. Before surgery, you will need to ask your surgeon the following:

Where should I go if a complication or emergency arises before I return home?

Can I call you if I have concerns, questions or problems after surgery?

Do you have an insurance policy that covers possible surgery related complications?

Carrera 50 # 9B - 20 Edif. Torres de la 50 Ofic. 216 Santiago de Cali, Colombia

(+57) 315 307 54 63

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