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Joining Forces for Excellence: Summary of Technical Assistance with a Focus on Resolution 3100

In an enriching virtual meeting, quality leaders from clinics associated with ASOCLICPER explored the fundamentals of Resolution 3100 under the expert guidance of Dr. Isabel Vélez, a renowned specialist in Health Auditing. During the days of July 4 and 5, 2023, this technical assistance further strengthened our commitment to excellence in patient care and safety.

In this space where experience and innovation merged, leaders shared expertise, overcame challenges, and outlined strategies for the adoption and compliance with guidelines.

This crucial event strengthened collaboration among associated clinics and reaffirmed our position as leaders in plastic and aesthetic surgery. The knowledge gained in this technical assistance will contribute to our track record of excellence in patient care, solidifying our commitment to their well-being.

Join us and elevate your excellence! If you are not yet part of our community of associated clinics, we extend a warm invitation to contact us and explore joining ASOCLICPER. By joining, you will access collaborative spaces and learning opportunities like this, strengthening your commitment to quality and safety. To our current members, we encourage you to make the most of these valuable benefits we offer as part of the ASOCLICPER family.

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