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As is generally known, our clinic has been carrying out its projects, objectives and strategies through a 1 to 3 year strategic plan. However, in the last period, we have decided to extend this time horizon with the “Mega 2021-2027” strategy. We have always based our actions on the most crucial perspectives of our institution, such as the budgeted volume of surgeries and hospitalizations, the financial perspective (where we project and monitor monthly income), cost control and administrative expenses, infrastructure and technology, patient safety, human talent, safety and occupational health.

In this way, we have developed indicators that guide us in the execution of these plans, in order to meet our short, medium and long-term objectives. All our areas work together towards this common goal, sharing a unified vision.

Our strategic planning, based on the “Mega” strategy, implies a deeper and more ambitious approach to our business objectives beyond our short term goals in the medium and long term, covering a period of 5 to 7 years. This aims to consolidate and provide greater institutional stability. We firmly believe that this approach has provided us with the technical and administrative arguments necessary to achieve superior results in our future planning.

Just as we plan our future in the workplace, it is also essential to plan individual and family projects on a personal level. Clearly, we cannot live only in the present, since the present is fleeting. A short-sighted approach would not allow us to enjoy long-term life projects.

In a constantly evolving world, advances in healthcare have been significant. In particular, mid-complexity outpatient surgery has become an increasingly safe and popular option for elective patients. In this context, our value proposition shines as a beacon of excellence in healthcare.

We find that a fundamental part of our service is providing patients with an exceptional day surgery experience. This is based on human quality, experience and professional competence, as well as cutting-edge technology. We are committed to ensuring the safety and well-being of our patients at all times.

Within QET, we develop initiatives in collaboration with all areas of the clinic, in order to project a common horizon in the medium and long term. This covers:

1. Competent Human Talent: Our team of medical professionals and support staff is comprised of highly competent individuals dedicated to patient care. Each member of our team shares a passion for excellence and a genuine concern for the health and well-being of our patients.

2. Advanced Technology and Infrastructure: We recognize that technology plays a critical role in modern healthcare. Therefore, our facilities are equipped with the latest medical technology, allowing us to carry out procedures with precision and safety.

3. Patient Safety: Safety is our number one priority. We have implemented rigorous safety standards and protocols to ensure that every patient feels protected and cared for at all times. Her peace of mind is our greatest reward.

4. Sustainable Development and Social Responsibility: We are committed to both sustainable development and social responsibility. We not only aspire to provide quality healthcare, but to do so in an ethical and sustainable manner, thus contributing positively to our community and the environment.

5. Experience, Friendliness and Humanized Service: We understand that medical care goes beyond procedures; it’s about the overall patient experience. Our focus on kindness and humanized service ensures that every patient feels heard, respected, and cared for with empathy.

With these horizons in mind, our greatest responsibility to all our stakeholders is to contribute to the well-being of each one of them. We aspire to be the benchmark to make their dreams come true

We want to convey to the other institutions affiliated with ASOCLICPER that strategic planning is a fundamental element so that institutions can fully accomplish their goals in accordance with their perspectives, projects, imperatives and strategic initiatives in the medium and long term.

Jorge Humberto Rodríguez O.

QET Manager

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